A smooth skin in 7 steps with Photoshop

Freckles. One of the 7 beauties. When you don’t have them, you wish you had. But if you have them, sometimes you’d love to get rid of them… Fortunately, there are a lot op digital options that help you to reach your desired ideal of beauty. One of them is Adobe Photoshop, a great tool to use for beauty retouch. In Photoshop it’s quite easy to remove freckles from your skin. How? That’s what this article is about. In 7 steps we’ll explain how to make a smooth skin in Photoshop. For that, we use the image below:

sproeten verwijderen in photoshop

Step 1: Duplicate layer and convert to smart object

First open the raw image in Photoshop CC and duplicate the image in layer panel (CTRL or Command + J). Then rename that layer into Edit and convert it into smart object by right clicking on the mouse.

sproeten verwijderen in photoshop stap 1

Step 2: Inverse adjustments

Now go to the Image menu and select “Adjustments” > “Invert”. For quick inversions, you can also just press (CTRL or Command + I) to invert.

sproeten verwijderen in photoshop stap 2

Step 3: Blending mode

Then go blending option from layer panel and select Vivid (or Intense) light.

sproeten verwijderen in photoshop stap 3

Step 4: Filter

Now go to the Filter menu  and select ‘Other > High pass’. A dialog box appears where you can set the radius value. We set the radius value to 22.2

sproeten verwijderen in photoshop stap 4

Step 5: Gaussian blur

Once again go to the Filter menu. Now select ‘Blur > Gaussian blur’. In the dialog box set the radius value on 3.4 (or any other value you wish).

sproeten verwijderen in photoshop stap 5

Step 6: Layer mask

Now go to the layer panel, add a layer mask, then inverse the layer mask y doubleclicking and selelcting ‘Inverse’or by using the command Ctrl or Command + i.

sproeten verwijderen photoshop afbeelding6

Step 7: Brush tool

After that select the brush (B) from the tool menu. Set the value of opacity and flow and start brushing over the skin area on the mask, where necessary. Note: the foreground color should be set to pure white.

sproeten verwijderen photoshop penseel

Below you find the final image after processing the skin retouch tips in Photoshop.

sproeten verwijderen in photoshop eindresultaat

Before and after

sproeten verwijderen photoshop voor - na

Questions about image editing?

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