The store for daily convenience. That is what the supermarket group SPAR claims to be. With over 12.000 stores in 30 countries, the food retailer is an internationally known player. In the Neherlands, the brands SPAR (230 stores) and Attent (145 winkels) are part of the SPAR group.

Online and offline marketing campaigns

In order to promote the fresh, dairy products, the complete offer of groceries and the complementary products in the Netherlands, SPAR actively conducts multiple online and offline marketing campaigns. New actions and interesting promotions are set up on a weekly base. These are communicated through a printed folder, instore displays, internet and social media.

Production of visuals

Every media channel has its own demands reagrding the visuals to be used. SPAR has outsourced the production of these visuals to GO! Grafi Offshore. Almost on a daily base, we create the visuals needed for the digital newsletter, the social media, the website, the webshop, the banner campaigns and the instore communication materials.

“That’s fast! It looks good!”

The production of the visuals runs like a well-oiled machine. De productie van de visuals verloopt als een geolied proces. Frequenly quotes like “That’s fast! It looks good!” pass by, which make us very happy. In this way we offer convenience to the ‘the store for daily convenience’!