BRALIRWA Ltd (part of the Heineken group), is the largest brewer and soft beverage company in the Republic of Rwanda. Active distributor management is of high priority at BRALIRWA. All distributors can count on extended support from the BRALIRWA sales representatives to maximize the performance of BRALIRWA’s products in the market. With the new Sales App (Android Tablet Application), developed by Grafi Offshore, supporting the distributors has become easier than ever before.

The Sales App provides the sales representatives interactive access to all relative marketing & sales information, as well as market execution rules and guidelines. The Sales App shows the BRALIRWA portfolio and the company background. Furthermore, it includes a sales feature enabling the sales representative to show the benefits of having BRALIRWA as a business partner.

Our Development team took care of the design and development (front-end and backend) of the Sales App. Furthermore the Sales App contains a flexible CMS system This allows BRALIRWA to adjust the content of the Sales App whenever they want. Furthermore BRALIRWA can check the usage analytics from the CMS. Hosting of the CMS is done by GO! Grafi Offshore.

In the end, BRALIRWA was very satisfied with the end result. They thanked the entire Grafi Offshore team for making this application a success. Quote: “I would like to thank the entire Grafi Offshore team for making this application a success. Thank you for all your efforts and patience!”