Perspective warp in Photoshop CC 14.2

When taking pictures of a building, it often happens that the object in the image looks different from reality. Often it happens that the building in the image looks like it’s standing askew because the lines in the image are not straight. Even when the photographer takes images from a two point or a three point perspective, there can be perspective distortions in the image. The image below shows how the perspective can be distorted. Ik looks like the whole building is standing askew.

Solutions to correct distortion of perspective

Fortunately, with the new Perspective Warp function, Photoshop CC 14.2 offers us a solution to this problem. Perspective Warp is an improved feature of old tools like the distort transform option, the vanishing point option, etc. Perspective Warp allows you to select an object in a 2-dimensional photograph, and then rotate and adjust that image’s perspective inside a customized 3-dimensional workspace.

Perspective Warp

Let’s check out one example done with new “Perspective Warp” tool.

Raw image:

Go to Edit > Perspective Warp. Similar to the vanishing point function, select the area that needs to be corrected. New thing is that now you can drag two or more than two boxes depending upon the perspective of the image. Now, using Wrap option, drag the points to make it straight. You can also click – “Shift +click left mouse button” to automatically straighten the perspective.


Final image:

Do you see the difference? The walls in the final image appear to be straight now. The perspective has been adjusted, distortions have been corrected without affecting the perspective in other parts of the image!