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Black & White Adjustment layer to alter color

We have discussed various methods of adjusting color in images before. In this article we are going to explain one more extra option to alter the color in images within…

New Select and Mask Feature in Photoshop 15.5

Good news for Refine Edge users! In the latest version of Photoshop (15.5), the Refine Edge tool has been improved and revamped as Select and Mask feature (the Refine Edge…

Ein pickelndes Dankeschön!

Feedback von unseren Kunden ist uns wichtig. Das ist in jedem Fall ein Dankeschön wert. Deshalb haben wir jedem 10ten Teilnehmer unserer Kundenbefragung eine Flasche Champagne in Aussicht gestellt. Denn…

Creating banners in Flash, GIF or HTML5?

It has been said many times before: motion pictures are far more likely to catch the attention then static images. This means that an animated banner will catch more attention…
Witte matte verwijderen om vrijstaand schip

Removing fringes while creating compositions

While cutting out or transforming images, it may happen that some of the pixels surrounding the selection border are included with the selection. This can result in a fringe around…

Shake Reduction

We posted about Intelligent Unsampling earlier, upgraded feature of Photoshop CC. Giving continuity to this, we have come up with the new feature: Shake Reduction on Photoshop CC. Shake reduction…

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