Creating Logo using Photoshop CS6

Photoshop is massively used for photo editing, adding effects and creating graphic designs and web designs. It is better known for its pixel based output. Nevertheless, Photoshop also contains tools to help create logos that can be used for prints and various media platform.

We no more have to fear that logo created in Photoshop will lose its quality when enlarged to larger dimension or resolution. Using simple tools of Photoshop CS6, we can easily create vector quality logos.

This post will be helpful for ones who don’t possess Illustrator or any other vector based software for such purpose.

Let’s take a small jpeg logo image as reference to trace. Following image below is small size image which when enlarged loses its quality as you can check below:

Now we try to make same logo in Photoshop CS6.
Select pen tool and choose shape option. As per your requirement, select fill color, stroke color, etc from the top bar. Using pen tool you can trace your logo or just create completely new logo design as per your requirement and then save it to printable extension file.

When you enlarge this logo made with shape pen tool to any size or dimension, quality level remains intact and doesn’t get deteriorated.

Final result:

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