Realization of e-learning projects

productie digitale leermiddelenThe market for e-learning is developing rapidly. The demand for digital learning materials is growing, as is the need to exchange information. Educational publishers are moving with the times to meet the changing needs of the market and to make the most of the power of technology. However, not every educational publisher has the capacity and technical knowledge to carry out e-learning projects. In that case, bringing in an external party can be a good choice.

Technical extension for educational publishers

For over 15 years GO! Grafi Offshore has been working on e-learning projects for publishers. You could call us an EdTech company. We work as a technical extension of the educational sector in the Netherlands and Belgium. We are a production studio, we do not create content. In the field of e-learning we are widely applicable, both for primary education, secondary education and vocational education. Several Dutch and Flemish publishers have already used us to create HTML5 tools, assets, digital teaching aids, Student Management Systems (LMS), complete homework platforms or to convert Flash to HTML5.

E-learning services

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Production of attractive digital learning materials, games and applications in HTML5

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Building e-learning platforms with CMS, LMS and API connections

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Flash are NOT supporteda anymore. We will convert your Flash files to HTML5.

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Online tool for creating interactive content

Experience and diversity

Our strength lies in our experience and the diversity of our expertise. Partly because of this diversity, we have never had to say no to an order. We are also proud to say that we are now 15 years old and still work with almost the same team as 15 years ago.


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