Building e-learning platforms

Good e-learning platforms are needed more than ever. Not only because learning in game form (gamification) is fun to do and is a very effective way of learning. Also because the need for distance learning is and will continue to grow. However, not every educational publisher or training institution has the technical knowledge to develop its own learning software. In that case, bringing in an external party can offer a solution. GO! Grafi Offshore has extensive experience in producing digital learning materials, games and applications in HTML5. Several Dutch and Flemish educational publishers have already used us to produce e-learning applications and homework platforms.

CMS, LMS & API connections

An exercise (asset) of a letter or math game does not stand alone. They are often part of a larger range of assets and games, which in turn are linked to a Content Management System (CMS) and a Learning Management System (LMS). For a smooth exchange of information and data, these systems are linked via APIs. Thanks to our experience, we understand how these systems should be built and linked. We understand the technology. This allows you to fully focus on the content.

Clear and flexible development method

When building e-learning platforms, we work according to the SCRUM method. This means that we divide a project into small sub-tasks, which we deliver and test in a fixed rhythm. In addition, we periodically draw up an overview of the expectations for the next period. This method makes the status, progress and planning of the various parts clear and predictable.

Successfully complete complex projects

Our developers not only have the technical knowledge to develop the software according to the guidelines of the publisher, they also come up with solutions before a problem arises. They ask the right questions at the right time or gather the necessary information for the solution at an early stage. Because we have done many similar projects for educational publishers, it is clear to everyone in our organization what the success factors of well functioning e-learning platforms and educational games are.

Attractive rates for building e-learning projects

We can be brief about our rates for building e-learning applications (HTML5 work): they are attractive! Check out our rates page for more information.

Over onze tarieven voor het bouwen van e-learning applicaties (HTML5 werkzaamheden) kunnen wij kort zijn: deze zijn aantrekkelijk! Bekijk onze tarievenpagina voor meer informatie.

Want to know more about our e-learning services?

Please contact us at +31 (0)168 476 144. Do you need to provide materials for a quotation? Ask for the login details of our ftp server or send us files via our own WeTransfer channel.


Zwijsen Schatkist application

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