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The clipping of an image means that you separate the person, animal or object from its background. When the person, animal or object has been clipped, you can place it against any background you wish for. Clipped images look professional and attractive. GO! Grafi offshore offers excellent clipping, masking and image editing services. In 2005 we started our clipping service. Since then, we have grown out to be a successful, international organisation with a large amount of satisfied clients.

Fast and professional image clipping and masking

Clipping and masking of images (or removing the background) is not very complicated to do, but it is a job that needs to be done very precisely. This makes it a time consuming job. Especially when you need to clip and mask a large amount of images, or when the images you process contain a high level of detail. Clipping a woman with a lot of curly hair is more time consuming than clipping a can of milk. Our Image Studio professionally processes a large amount of different images on a daily base. Fast and professional!

High quality

You make demands on high quality? Stop searching. You’ve found us! Our Image Studio processes large amounts of images on a daily base. We are very good in clipping and masking highly detailed images, like persons, bicycles, hairy aimals or plants. Also the processing of high resolution images for print is our speciality. We can be short about the quality we deliver: it is very high!

Large studio, fast delivery

You need clipped images on a regular base? Are you looking for a company that can professionally clip and mask your images? You are more than welcome to use our clipping and masking service. When clipping images we work with handmade paths and masks, according to the standards of the graphical industry. We work fast, professional and very accurate! Even the finest hairs are not overlooked. Our graphical experts work with the newest graphical software and are trained on a regular base. We deliver all different types of image editing services: clipping with path and / or mask, retouch, recolor, etc.

Attractive pricing

For image clipping and masking we work with an hour rate. For more information, please check out our pricing page.

More information?

Please contact us at +31 (0)168-476 144.


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