The power of HTML5

HTML5 offers great opportunities for making awesome presentations, animations, games, banners, explanimations, digital magazines e-learning applications. With integrated sound and video, selection option, animations, mouse-over effects, etc. Our HTML5 experts are ready to make state-of-the-art HTML5 products for you.

Educational applications

The use of interactive digital learning materials is ever growing. Our studio creates attractive digital learning tools, applications and games in HTML5. We have developed HTML5 products for multiple Dutch and Belgian publishing companies. At you can read how over 100.000 Belgian primary school students make their homework online by doing exercises and playing games in an HTML5 application. A project that we realised, together with the Belgian publishing company Uitgeverij Van In (a Sanoma company).

We convert your Flash products to HTML5

You want to convert a Flash animation, banner, game, magazine, application or website to HTML5? We rebuild your Flash product in HTML5. Besides, we can create new applications in HTML5 for you. We work fast and professional.

High level of quality

We have extended graphical expertise and can work cross medial easily. We can meet the high quality standards our professional principals in the advertising, media, publishing and automotive business. Besides, we offer our principals a high level of flexibility and speed in delivery.

Attractive pricing

For HTML5 services we work with an hour rate. For more information, please check out our pricing page.

More information?

Please contact Lars van Dijkman at +31 (0)168-476 144 or ask for a quotation.


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