Exquisite Retouched Art Photography for Colour & Books

Colour & Books specializes in the reproduction of photography and art within the pages of books. Sebastiaan Hanekroot is the driving force behind Colour & Books, ensuring that the color reproductions in their books meet every expectation. Their goal is to breathe life into images and colors, making them as vibrant as the originals.

A Unique Mastery of Color, Paper, Printing, and Binding

Creating vivid color reproductions demands an in-depth understanding of book printing, design, binding, and publishing. Sebastiaan Hanekroot is the go-to expert in this field. With decades of experience, including a tenure at one of the leading printing and publishing firms in the Netherlands, coupled with years of collaboration with highly skilled graphic designers and seasoned binders, he has cultivated a unique comprehension of color, paper, printing techniques, and bookbinding.

“Grafi Offshore is always my first choice when tackling significant projects requiring extensive retouching.”

The partnership with Grafi Offshore has been a long-standing one. Sebastiaan Hanekroot acknowledges, “Whenever I embark on a substantial project necessitating extensive retouching, Grafi Offshore is the first name that comes to mind. My daily work revolves around artists and art institutions, collaborating to produce exquisite books. My focus is on faithfully reproducing visual content, leveraging my knowledge of image communication, color, and contrast. I don’t consider retouching my primary strength, and in this regard, Grafi Offshore, along with their studio in Nepal, has proven to be the perfect partner.”

Retouching 500 Scans

“As an example, I recently undertook a major project that entailed scanning approximately 500 pages from magazines. For a significant portion of these scans, I needed to merge two separate pages into a single, continuous image, while also meticulously retouching the frayed edges left by the magazine’s spine. It was meticulous work, and time was scarce. Grafi Offshore’s studio flawlessly executed this task, leaving me immensely pleased with the results.”

We, too, are delighted with this remarkable collaboration. The process of enhancing art photos is always a privilege and a joy. We eagerly anticipate many more such splendid projects in the future!