Sales Scoreboard Application Gives Sales Recruiters a Sales Boost

Salesrecruiters is the largest recruitment and selection agency in the Netherlands specialized in sales. If you are recruiting sales professionals, you will need to have a sales culture yourself. Quality KPIs are managed, but of course also turnover. To measure this and make it visible in a motivating way, Salesrecruiters GO! Grafi Offshore asked to create an interactive Scoreboard. A scoreboard that in its layout fits the young and energetic but also sporty and competitive culture of Sales Recruiters.

Sales scoreboard application sales recruiters

The scoreboard application

The principle is simple. Each consultant provides a monthly revenue forecast, the sum is the establishment forecast. The total of the forecasts from both the Schiphol and Zoetermeer sites is the operating forecast. Salesrecruiters’ management encourages consultants to look at both the establishment and business forecast.

The digital Sales Scoreboard provides visual insight into revenue progress. The basis of the Scoreboard is formed by a document in Google docs, in which Salesrecruiters itself updates the turnover data. A select group of people keep the document up-to-date. Through HTML5, the Sales Scorecard application unlocks the data from Google Docs and provides visual insight into the state of affairs per month and year to date in a beautiful way.

Digital crowns, hats and sunglasses

There are 4 different color codings used, to indicate how far someone is on target. In addition, there are a few fun shenanigans built in. The consultant with the highest score will receive a digital crown. The number 2 a viking hat and the number 3 a sombrero. Everyone who meets his or her monthly target also gets to put on digital sunglasses. The Sales Scoreboard is displayed on a large screen on the work floor at both Salesrecruiters offices (Schiphol and Zoetermeer). When both sites have met their targets, all the bells and whistles go on then the sign will crackle and blink for a few days until everyone goes crazy.

A tool to measure, provide oversight and determine success

“The Scoreboard application works perfectly as a sales driver to drive things,” said Enrique Cortes, Managing Consultant at Salesrecruiters. You notice that the Scoreboard has created an immediate change in the organization. In the positive sense that we have become sharper and more competitive.

In addition to sales data, the board also tracks the distribution of customers. As a result, it has become a tool to measure, to provide oversight and to determine success. For sales people, it’s absolutely top-notch! Of course, you have to be careful with the people at the bottom. For them, the scoreboard can also be paralyzing; it can put them in the doldrums. Then the right coaching is important, we are very aware of that.

In summary, we can conclude that the Scoreboard provides good animosity, atmosphere, a healthy rivalry and a focus on the goal. Currently, we are working hard to break the sales record of our branch. Because there is also a little bit of rivalry between the branches, colleagues from the same branch help each other as a team to beat the other branch. The Sales Scoreboard provides a dot on the horizon. We start and end the day with it. It’s not just a useful application for our organization; every sales organization benefits from it!”

Grafi Offshore does what it promises

Enrique, who once worked for GO! Grafi Offshore is positive about its former colleagues. “The development of the scoreboard went very smoothly. We already had the basics in place in an excel document. The Interactive Media Studio translated this into a beautiful interactive tool using HTML5. In particular, the speed of work is fantastic. Production was really super fast, up to 10 times faster than we are used to at other companies. Grafi Offshore does what it promises. It’s never a disappointment. We are always treated with kindness and respect, and the studio is very flexible.”

Other Projects

In addition to developing the Sales Scoreboard Application, Grafi Offshore has completed multiple projects for Sales Recruiters. For example, we recently created six animations for LinkedIn. In addition, we regularly carry out a project in the field of image editing.

Want to know more about this fun project?

Would you also like a fun Scoreboard Sales Application or have other questions? Please contact Lars van Dijkman, Project Manager Interactive Multimedia Studio at GO! Grafi Offshore at 0168 476 144 or by email.