Visualizations of drug pickup robots for Pharmaservice24

Sometimes the collection of products must not simply be good, but must be exceptionally good. For example, when it comes to medicines. Pharmaservice24 has developed a wonderful product for this purpose: the Pharmabox24. This is a dispensing robot for pharmacies, which is modern, efficient and above all economical.

Visualizing what’s important

When selling a product such as the Pharmabox24, images plays an important role in visualizing what the installed product will look like. This visualization is performed by the Image Studio of GO! Grafi Offshore.

Image as part of the sales process

If a pharmacy is interested in the Pharmabox24, Pharmaservice24 will talk to the pharmacist. With the pharmacist, they will put together the ideal machine for automatic dispensing of medicines. When visiting the pharmacy, a picture is also taken of the location. This photo is then sent to GO! Grafi Offshore for image processing. The Image Studio removes elements from the photo, edits colors and adjusts text. The end result shows an image that realistically represents what the location would look like if a Pharmabox24 were installed. The edited photo is then sent along with the quote, giving the pharmacist a clear idea of the final result.

“It’s nice when you work with a partner who is reliable and with whom you can move quickly.”

Pharmaservice24 is satisfied with the cooperation. “It’s nice when you work with a partner who is reliable and with whom you can switch quickly,” says Max Bronswijk of Pharmaservice24. “We are particularly satisfied with the clear communication and the speed of response and delivery. This, in turn, allows us to quickly switch with our customers.”

Check out a few ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos here